Payroll Guardian
Internet Payroll Service

Forward Software has been providing fast, timely and accurate software solutions
for the past 11 years. Our solutions fit any size organization and are able
to support any requirement, for up to hundreds of users and thousands of employees.

Payroll Guardian, is a new Payroll outsourcing program for large companies
with complex requirements who are not interested in running an in house system.

Our customers sign on at any time of the day or night, from their PC on any
Internet connection. This connection puts them in touch with the Payroll Guardian
secured server which identifies them with up to 14 levels of protection. They
are then signed on to their private company environment.

There is no monthly fee with Payroll Guardian, nor is there any charge for
any report. You can request as many reports as you like. You only pay for transactions
that you generate. The most recognized transactions are then of course each Pay, ROE and T4’s. No more “nickel and dime-ing”.

There are several ways to convert to Payroll Guardian and one of our Payroll
conversion specialists can discuss the details with you and review a plan for
what time is best for you and your company. All of your existing employee information
as well as Year to Date data can come into the new Payroll Guardian environment.

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